Horse Hair Keepsakes

I make custom horse hair keepsakes/jewelry, custom made from your own horse's tail hair, premade pieces available for purchase also...


For directions on how to collect your horses' hair if you don't already have some please see the bottom of this page.


Prices: (may vary depending on add-ons (beads, letters, bling, etc.)

  Decorative Keepsake - $25

  Basic Keychain - $15

  Hatband - $50

  Bracelet - $30

  Earrings - $25

  Necklace - $40

Directions on how to collect your horses' hair and how much you will need...


How to collect the hair - Take the longest hairs from the middle of the tail right below the tailbone. Clip 2-3 small amounts from different places close to the tailbone. The final amount should be at least the diameter of a pencil and at least 10 inches long (if tail hair is not that long just the longest hair possible will do just fine). Preferably wash and rinse the tail hair before cutting but please avoid using stay-in products afterwards. Use a rubber band around the hair, and put in a zip lock bag and label with your name and phone number. Loosly loop the hair in circles to fit, please avoid folding or kinking the hair.


Please contact me directly via call, text, or email if you have any questions, etc.

Marilyn Van De Graaff