Equine Finesse owned and operated by Marilyn Van De Graaff, offers several services to include;

Custom Artwork, Horse Hair Keepsakes, Custom Reins, Tie Down Keepers, etc.




Custom Artwork:

By: Marilyn Van De Graaff

Send a picture and have a portrait of your equine, canine, or feline pal.  Please email or call if you have questions or would like to receive price quotes.

See the Art Gallery to view completed art pieces.  Art prints are also available for sale of any completed art pieces seen in gallery.


Horsehair Keepsakes:

Custom horse hair keepsakes made from your horse's tail hair,

premade pieces also available for purchase.

Please see Horsehair Keepsakes for more information and pricing.




Other Services:

 - Horse Training (to select clients)  

 - Riding Lessons (to select clients)

 - Custom Reins

 - Custom Tie-down Keepers/Hobbles